Toothache Medicine

Toothaches come in many forms and can be disguised as other various aches and pains like chest pain, back pain, jaw pain and many other irritating ailments.

If you suspect it may be something other than a toothache, don’t fool around and wait. See a doctor immediately! Now.. how do you stop a toothache when you KNOW it’s a toothache?

If you’re up in the middle of the night, don’t have dental insurance or don’t have money or other resources to get to a dentist, consider these fast acting alternatives to temporarily relieve your discomfort and stop a toothache fast

Best Medicine For Toothache Are As Following

Reach for salt water. This is toothache remedy is dentist recommended and  time tested. It actually gets rid of bacteria that can be causing your tooth to throb.  Simply spoon a couple of teaspoons of salt into some lukewarm water and rinse the affected area vigorously. Because it’s not a drug, and not harmful to your tooth enamel, you can continue doing this as often as needed.

The old tea bag remedy.  In addition to relieving your toothache pain, make yourself a nice, soothing cup of tea and rinse the area at the same time. The tea leaf properties will go right to work to reduce the pain. Drinking the tea will help lift your spirits and help you get calm and relaxed for a peaceful nights sleep.

Ground cloves remedy.  You’ve probably heard this one many times. Grandma certainly recommended it and was already with it. Take a clove or ground cloves and apply it directly to the pain site. This should provide immediate toothache relief. The smell provides an aromatic therapy for your senses and will ease your anxiety. You can rub clove oil directly onto the painful area inside the mouth. Dilute with olive oil if it is too strong straight. You can also hold a whole peg of clove in your mouth at the site of the toothache. The numbing sensation will kick in rapidly, and will last up to 90 minutes.

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